My health professional and I agree that holistic health is a wonderful thing

I had been going to the very same medical health professional for the last 10 years.

There was something about this health professional that both unnerved me yet made me easily feel comfortable.

It wasn’t until the last twelve months that I was able to learn what it was about him that had me on the edge at times. He plus I were both about the same age, plus the two of us basically spoke the same language. Both of us talked about everything plus I had no problems in the slightest telling him exactly how it was. On the subject of legal recreational marijuana the two of us had a long discussion. He brought up the subject of holistic health. I wanted to actually know for certain what the term holistic health meant plus what it meant when it came to new medicine. My Grandfather was a shaman in our American Indian tribe. My Grandma taught me a bunch about medicine that surrounded the odd herbs that you could find in our natural habitat. My health professional told me that holistic health was essentially built around these traditions of herbs plus healing. Recently, holistic health was talking about the use of marijuana products to help with odd ailments plus health drawbacks. He told me that he actually believed that the use of odd marijuana products could help with the aid of cancer treatments, rheumatoid arthritis, general pain management, plus even a few mental ailments. I asked if he would ever choose to diagnose the symptoms plus recommend holistic health to his numerous patients? He basically said that if the hospital allowed it he would have advised holistic health long ago.

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