My girlfriend loves to buy cannabis candy products before we go on road trips

Ever since my girlfriend and I both secured remote working jobs over the past year, we have prioritized taking both small and long road trips in the car to see the rest of the state and other regions in the country.

We have a large SUV that has collapsible seats in the back. That gives us the option to sleep in the back if we don’t want to spend the extra money to sleep in a musty hotel room for a single night. We have connected on a level that I never thought possible while laying underneath the stars in national parks and on mountain tops. Despite our love for cannabis, we can’t smoke it in the car while we’re driving. It’s illegal and it’s too easy to accidentally consume too much THC and have it affect your driving. That’s why my girlfriend loves to buy cannabis candy products from our favorite medical cannabis dispensary before we leave for our road trips. They are made with 10mg of THC and a single gummy candy is enough to ease my stress and physical discomfort without making me feel intoxicated. My girlfriend loves that the cannabis candies come in peach, mango, orange, and cherry flavors. Some of the marijuana dispensaries have low quality edibles that don’t produce many results. If you want a strong cannabis edible with lots of strain-specific terpenes, RSO is your best bet. But for driving, the effects of RSO are too strong for me personally. If I accidentally take too much, I could become so high that I have no choice but to pull over for a few hours. If both of us get too high, we literally have to sleep-off the effects.



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