I’m so happy that my local medical marijuana dispensary has strains like Acapulco Gold

Even though it was harder to obtain cannabis flower products when my state first legalized medical marijuana, the quality was much better. The companies were smaller and the pool of patients was a fraction of what it was today. The growers working for these vertically-integrated cannabis companies had less pressure on them to produce high volumes at any cost like they do today. But as the patient pool grew and increased the demand on all cannabis producers in the state, it seemed like the cannabis products slipped in quality. The buds in the jars of cannabis flower buds were larger and had a danker aroma to them in the past. However, the quality at the medical marijuana dispensary in my town is starting to increase again. This medical marijuana store earned my respect when they released a batch of the famed landrace sativa Acapulco Gold. I worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype that I have heard for years, but it did. Acapulco Gold is now my favorite sativa strain from my local medical marijuana dispensary. In some of the reviews I read online the customers weren’t impressed by the effects of the Acapulco Gold. I’ve been vaping cannabis flower products for years and this is up there with Durban Dawg and Dutch Hawaiian as one of my top three favorite sativa strains at any dispensary. Hopefully my local medical marijuana dispensary will keep stocking Acapulco Gold for the foreseeable future, even if it doesn’t impress everyone like it did for me. Classic landrace cannabis strains are a unique treasure that I pray are never lost to time like some weed genetics have.

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