I wish our dispensary offered cannabis delivery.

I have my medical marijuana card, and I enjoy being able to go to the marijuana dispensary before leaving the house, and finding what products they have on sale.

The people at the dispensary are always nice and everyone is willing to give you help if you need it.

I often have questions, since I have only had my medical marijuana card for a short time. I am trying different products to see which ones do the most good for my pain. So far, I have tried five marijuana products and only found one that helps without making me feel like a zombie. I love the marijuana products that are higher in CBD than they are in THC. I can still work from home and not worry about being high, or falling asleep. The only thing I don’t like about our local marijuana dispensary, is that they don’t offer delivery. You could live across the street from the medical marijuana dispensary, and they wouldn’t deliver. I don’t drive and I need to find someone who has the time to drive me fifteen miles to our local medical marijuana dispensary. This is a lot to ask of friends or family. If they would offer delivery, I would gladly pay them for the service. I wouldn’t need to ask family and friends to take me to town, and I would still get the marijuana I want. As long as I can call the marijuana dispensary if I have any questions, I will continue to ask when they are going to offer delivery services.



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