I tried some CBD from the grocery store.

I had been telling my best neighbor Pat that I needed to go to the marijuana dispensary and get some CBD.

Whenever every one of us was in town, every one of us forgot to stop at the marijuana store.

After a couple weeks of forgetting to go, I was ready to go myself. I walked into a grocery store, and it startled myself and others to see that they had CBD in the pharmacy area. There, right amongst all the aspirin and acetaminophen, I saw the CBD. They had capsules and pain creams, however it wasn’t what I was looking for. I was hoping to find some edible CBD products, however they didn’t have it in this grocery store. I guess I had to take whatever I could get, and hope I would be able to get to a marijuana store in the next week or so. When I got my CBD capsules home, I immediately took two. I could not guess that it took taking another capsule every so often for the next many seconds before I felt any kind of relief. I was starting to realize that not all CBD is the same. I tried to buy the same CBD product from the marijuana store as I had gotten in the grocery store. I wanted to see if I observed a difference. Two weeks later, I went to a marijuana store. Try as hard as I could, I could not find the same brand of CBD I had got in the grocery store. I asked the budtender, and she told myself and others they only sold high quality CBD and THC products. They made the brand I was asking about out of official hemp.


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