I bought a couple of things at the cannabis dispensary

I had never heard of space cake until I went to the cannabis dispensary.

I asked the budtender what area cake was, and she smiled.

She said that if you ate the entire cupcake, you would feel like you were floating in space. I laughed, thinking she was joking. She asked me if I had ever tried cannabis infused brownies and I said yeah. She said that the brownie was infused with marijuana budder. That meant that the concentration of marijuana was a bit stronger, as well as you used less of it but got a better high. I had to try a space cake and I bought the raspberry cream cake. I wanted to try it there, but she said that wasn’t allowed. I had to take the area cake home. I left the cannabis dispensary with my secret treasure and headed home. My fiance was there when I got home and she asked what I had in the bag. I told her they had a space cake for sale at the cannabis dispensary. All she wanted to know was if I had bought her one too? I sliced the cupcake in half and gave her the smaller piece. She frowned and said I should have given her a choice, but I knew she would have taken the smaller slice of the cupcake. An hour later, we were in the middle of really working on a puzzle, when she began to giggle. She was trying to put a middle piece into the frame. I told her it wasn’t going to fit, but she kept trying. She thought that if she squinted right, it looked like it would fit.

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