Helping my mom with stiffness

My mother is in her late 70s.

Although she remains happy, active and independent, she suffers from stiffness and pain in her joints.

Her hips are especially a concern. She sporadically has trouble going up the stairs, getting into the motorcar or climbing into the bathtub. She’s been to the doctor numerous times and been prescribed numerous medications. These pharmaceuticals include all sorts of harmful side-effects. It doesn’t seem like the doctors are very vigilant about the dosage or even the type of medications they prescribe. My mother became disillusioned and quit taking her medicine. While I understood her choice, I was anxious about her mobility deteriorating. I requested that every one of us make a trip to a recreational cannabis dispensary and look into options. At first, our mother refused to even consider the idea. She grew up during a time when there was a large stigma surrounding marijuana. I didn’t supply up. I shared information with our mother proving the numerous benefits of cannabis as a medicinal remedy. I explained that cannabis is simply a plant, then no 1 has ever overdosed from smoking cannabis flower. It took a lot of convincing, but I finally got our Dad to agree to visit the dispensary. She was both shocked and impressed by the facility. The budtenders were seriously friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They listened to our mothers issues and set her mind at ease. My mother ended up purchasing a tincture and a variety of topicals. She has experimented with creams and bath bombs and prefers to use the tinctures both sublingually and applied directly to the skin. The cannabis-infused products have helped to alleviate pain and inflammation. They’ve made an immense improvement in her quality of life.

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