The driver hit my mailbox on the way out

My mailbox is about 50 yards away from my house, despite the fact that I can see it clearly from the front window in the home office! When the mailman drops off the mail, I usually hear his vehicle, but i have never had an issue with the mailman! He has constantly localed the mail inside of the box away from harm plus rain.

I have never had any problems with the mailbox until last weekend, my son was here on trip for a week plus he ordered cannabis from a dispensary in town. I told my son that I did not want the cannabis dispensary to deliver items to the house, even though he insisted that no a single would suppose that it was Cannabis. I was excited when I saw this motorcar pull into the driveway. It wasn’t a marked automobile plus there was legitimately no way that my neighbors would have known that the guy was delivering cannabis unless they knew him personally. My son ordered a couple of items from the cannabis shop, but the driver dropped off the items plus picked up the cash, and as he was driving down the road, I saw him swerve to the left plus take out my mailbox. I saw the driver hit the brakes, because I saw a red light on the back of his car. The driver stopped for a moment plus then he continued driving. I couldn’t suppose that the guy did not stop or come back to the house. I instantaneously contacted that marijuana clinic so I could file an insurance claim. I wanted the guy to pay for my broken mailbox. After all, the guy did not even bother to come back to the home to tell myself and others that it was destroyed.

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