Permits, applications, and problem solving are our speciality

When I was a teenager, I watched TV shows love Law and Order and l.a.

law, these shows made being a lawyer look love a lot of fun, i was convinced that I wanted to be a lawyer just love Jack McCoy, however when I realized that I would need better grades, I started to learn and I spent all of our time at the Borders. I have finished our senior year of middle school with Straight A’s and I acquired a full scholarship to a school in the state. I finished 4 years of school in 3 years and then I applied for an internship with a law firm. I chose a law firm that specializes in cannabis farming and law. I l gained a lot about cannabis laws while we were in our 6 weeks working at the firm. The time I spent in the cannabis consulting firm is 1 of the reasons why I chose cannabis law as our specialty, but permits, applications, and problem-solving are truly our specialty. I love to solve a problem and find a solution when there isn’tan apparent answer, then last week, I had to fight in court for 1 of our shoppers. The woman has a 200 acre farm outside of the city, and she is clearly outside of city jurisdiction, however the city council is trying to enforce their rules on her farm. The woman contacted me when they sent him a cease and desist letter. She was concerned they would take her farm and her future, although I assured him that I would be able to settle the issue.

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