The task of a consultant is important to patients

The task of a cannabis consultant is entirely important to patients, a cannabis consultant is the a single man that interacts with patients when they come to the cannabis dispensary, but the task of the consultant is to know the difference between the strains in addition to assist patients with their orders, and sativa strains are uplifting in addition to provide energy, while Indica strains are more sedate in addition to relaxing! Both of us also carry a number of hybrid strains that have traits of both the sativas in addition to indicas, then when I hire a up-to-date cannabis consultant to labor in the dispensary, I consistently issue a test.

Applicants do not care about to take a test for a task, but it is a single way that I can find out if the budtender will have the standard expertise to help our clients… I was going to hire a up-to-date boy last week, however he failed the assessment test miserably.

She did not know the difference between red dream & OG Kush. She claimed to have completed a cannabis consulting course online, but I do not believe he absolutely completed the course. The guy had a certificate from the Cannabis consulting company, however he didn’t know that red dream was a sativa in addition to OG Kush was an Indica. I needed to hire someone who could hit the ground running in addition to this boy didn’t fit the bill. I had to continue looking at applicants for numerous more weeks before another man stood out in addition to grabbed my attention. The guy named Jack, had 3 years of budtender experience in addition to a degree in horticulture from WU. He is now my assistant manager.


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