The cannabis cafe always makes my day

It’s really just so lucky that I always have a secret weapon when it comes to dealing with all that life throws at me. And that would be the cannabis cafe not far from where I live. It’s been open almost a year now and that happens to coincide with a year that’s been much easier to manage. The owners of a marijuana business decided to expand their cannabis business place by taking over a vacant store front not too far from the cannabis dispensary. They turned that unique little spot into a great place to just be. The cannabis cafe was a refuge for me during the pandemic and since. With outdoor seating, I felt safe to enjoy a yummy pot brownie or any other of the myriad choice of edibles from the cannabis cafe. And the folks at the cannabis cafe were super careful when it came to the pandemic protocols so that put me at ease as well. No matter what life throws at me, there is just something about getting a selection of edible from the cannabis cafe. Then, I get something delicious to drink and sit outside in the sunshine to enjoy a bit of heaven. And that’s exactly what it feels like to me when I’m sitting outside at the cannabis cafe. Life slows down and invites me to savor all the good stuff and let the other stuff just slide off my shoulders. It’s good to have such a secret weapon in this day and age. I’m just fortunate to live somewhere that I can enjoy a cannabis cafe at all.


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