Leaving anxiety behind thanks to cannabis

The answer was there all along and I just didn’t have any idea that marijuana would be the solution to my situation. But thanks to a new therapist and some courage on my part, I took control of my anxiety condition and went another way. Prior to getting access to the cannabis dispensary, I struggled mightily with anxiety that would cycle into a deep depression. Most of my anxiety problems were socially based. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been very uncomfortable in social settings. That just got worse the older I became. Of course, before I began using cannabis products, I went the western medicine route. That resulted in a sort of merry go round of meds with varying degrees of success. But even with the meds, just getting myself up to simply go to work was so exhausting. Finally, I decided there had to be another way. I did my research and that led me to using sativa and indica to treat anxiety and depression. But I also wanted a professional component. I found a therapist who also incorporated cannabis into therapy for people with my condition. Going to the cannabis dispensary the first time was tough. It took all my will and courage just to open the door to the local cannabis spot. But I did and there I found people who were so compassionate and kind. I’ve been using both sativa products and indica products for a month now and the results are astounding. I even volunteered to lead a project group at work!

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