It’s good to compare vaping distillate vs. full spectrum when analyzing types of edibles

It’s easy to believe misconceptions when someone takes complex information and purposefully over-simplifies this.

I used to work for a newspaper and I saw this happen a lot, although it wasn’t for political reasons like some people assume.

Quite to the contrary, despite working for a company that got brushed off as another “liberal news rag,” we were beholden to corporate interests. All the company cared about was making money; since we were in a conservative area, we were much more likely to validate those beliefs if we did at all. But the truth is they just wanted people to read the paper, whether they bought the physical version or paid to read unlimited articles online. In this sense, the newspaper was a mirror of the interests, wants, hopes, and desires of the populace reading it. If they could over-simplify to lump together as much emotional information as possible into a tiny package, they would. Unfortunately, people writing “independent” blogs aren’t that much better than a corrupt newspaper. They repeat misconceptions and falsehoods as well. When I first started learning about cannabis concentrates, the information I saw on distillate oils was conflicting. For one, a lot of people back then claimed that there was no significant scientific difference between botanical terpenes and cannabis-derived terpenes. I would be told that myrcene has the same chemical structure regardless of which plant you take it from, but that’s not the point. A cannabis derived terpene mix is going to contain all of the minor terpenes found in trace amounts, whereas a botanical mix might have four or five terpenes at most.


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