I wanted to order online, but the website was shut down

It doesn’t make me feel tired

Tuesday was a very rainy day and it was cold outside as well. I planned to stop at the medical marijuana shop, but I decided to order online instead. I was going to have the medical marijuana supplies delivered to my apartment after work. The website was shut down all day and I was unable to order online. I tried to call the cannabis shop a couple of different times. The phone rang and rang and no one ever picked up. I was left with very few options. I had to stop at the medical marijuana shop on my way home from work. It was pouring down rain when I parked my car in the lot and walked into the building. My entire body was saturated with water after the 50 Foot walk from my car to the front door. The air conditioner was running in the building and I was immediately covered in goosebumps when I walked through the door. I didn’t want to stay for a long time, so I quickly and carefully picked out all of the medical marijuana supplies that I needed. I got a half ounce of Blue Dream dried marijuana flower. Blue Dream is one of my favorite strains because of the way that it makes me feel. Blue Dream is the perfect marijuana strain to smoke before work. It doesn’t make me feel tired. I also picked out two grams of cannabis concentrate. They were on sale that day and I only paid a small amount of money for both grams of live resin concentrate.
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