Great results for MS symptoms using medical cannabis

Living with MS is not something that I really thought would ever be in my future.

However, that is my reality now and I’m just thankful to have medical marijuana in my corner as I live this life with MS.

All of my life, I’ve been really healthy, active and athletic. So I started taking care of my body at a young age. When I was 35, I noticed that I was getting much stiffer and dealing with more and more fatigue. Soon, that included dealing with brain fog and simply not being able to have the same cognitive skills I’d always had. I went to the doctor thinking that perhaps I was in a situation where I was depleted and needed some sort of care. Getting the news that I had MS was a stunner. It took me nearly a week just to have that information fully settle in. But I also have a great partner in my husband who had my back immediately. While I struggled to understand what was happening to me, he was out there figuring out every possible treatment. And that’s when he came across the medical marijuana benefits for those with MS. He figured out how to get the medical marijuana card and encouraged me to add medical cannabis to my treatment regimen. I did and I was pretty amazed by the improvements I saw in my symptoms. My range of motion and balance were so much better. And I was able to find a peace about my condition I hadn’t been able to find prior to using the cannabis flower products.


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