After leaving the hospital, I remembered the bag of weed

I was in the hospital for a couple of days and several friends came to visit.

One of my friends brought me a really cool and fun surprise.

I was having surgery on my knee. I had an accident playing basketball and the tendons needed to be fixed. While I was in the hospital, one of my friends came to visit. The guy brought me a bag of weed. The bag of weed from the dispensary smelled very potent, but I didn’t have any way to smoke the marijuana. I stuck the bag under my mattress in the hospital. I planned to take it home with me when I left, but I forgot the weed when it was time to check out. I was in a hurry to leave the hospital. I was supposed to go home on Tuesday, but the doctor changed the date to Thursday. He was waiting for some medical tests to come back and he didn’t want me to leave before he saw the results. I had been laying in the bed for almost a week and I was ready to go home. As soon as I got into the car, I remember the bag of weed under the mattress. I couldn’t go back into the hospital, because that would have looked suspicious. I decided to forget about the bag of weed from the dispensary. Someone will find that bag of OG Kush under the bed. I sincerely hope it is a person that will smoke the contents instead of throwing the bag into the trash.