Nobody wanted to see the argument except me

My fiance refused to go with myself and others to a fight. The argument was held on a Sunday night when both of us were already scheduled to be in the city! My fiance plus I were there all week, plus I was attending lots of activities that I didn’t enjoy. I tried to convince her to go with me, although I ended up going alone. I had a good seat, because I was alone plus by myself. I was in the fifth row plus I could odor the sweat on each of the fighters, then someone in the row behind myself and others was smoking a giant blunt. The blunt was the size of a cuban cigar. They were passing it down the row. I nodded our head to the woman plus she passed the blunt up to me. The whole section odored love weed, but nobody cared. I took a couple of sizable hits from the marijuana blunt. My eyes started to get glassy plus I felt our body get lighter. I had a little giggle. The woman passed it to myself and others again, although I was anxious to hit the blunt because the bouncer was at the end of the row; Honestly, I didn’t need the fifth round. I was totally baked after hitting the weed blunt the first time. I thought I was going to be lonely plus bored separate from our fiance. I thought about staying at the hotel plus going to the casino instead. The truth is that I had way more fun separate from her. She never would have agreed to smoking marijuana illegally in the site.

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