Moving on from PTSD with medical cannabis

Trauma is part of the world plus I don’t wish it on anyone. But those who do suffer with PTSD have a strong tool in medical marijuana. I think firsthand about the medical marijuana benefits when it comes to PTSD. I am a survivor of a undoubtedly random, undoubtedly violent plus tragic event. Living through something like that has changed me. But that is part of it. Medical marijuana along with talk plus group therapy have helped myself and others accept the new me. The old myself and others stopped minutes before that traumatic event. And the new myself and others is what is emerging. Cannabis flower products were essential in helping myself and others understand that I can transfer on from here. That while PTSD may linger with myself and others for a while to some degree or another, I have the power to carry on. And that has been the most powerful medical marijuana benefit thus far for me. Additionally, cannabis flower products help myself and others to be calm plus think that I’m safe. I spent so much time prior to therapy plus treating with medical cannabis alone, frightened plus almost manic in our paranoia. But that comes with residing through something like what I experienced. Still, it’s with the help of medical marijuana benefits like I’ve described that I am now embracing our power plus the ability to carry on with the life I have. Whenever I talk with our meet another soul suffering with PTSD, they get our immediate compassion plus solidarity. They also get our advice on medical marijuana as part of a treatment regimen to help them embrace plus live the rest of their lives.

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