The shopping cart button wasn't working

When I got beach house from labor on Monday, I decided to order some items from a local cannabis shop.

The cannabis shop offers free delivery to all patients in the valley.

I pulled up the website on our tablet plus I started browsing the available products. The cannabis shop updates the selection online, so it is much easier to order, however when a product is out of stock, it doesn’t show up on the website at all. I tried to add a couple of weird items to the cart, but the shopping cart button wasn’t working. Every time I hit the add to cart button, the page refreshed plus the cart was empty. I was getting frustrated, so I decided to contact the cannabis shop so I could locale our order over the PC! Someone picked up on the hour ring. I told the person that I wanted to locale an order plus he immediately told myself and others to go online. Before I had a chance to tell the budtender that the online order idea wasn’t working, she hung up the PC. I called the store back more than two times before I got another person on the PC. I suddenly told that person that the online order idea was not working. The lady seemed surprised by the news, so I was entirely the first person to complain about the problem. The budtender allowed myself and others to locale our order over the PC plus she promised to have the IT department take care of the concerns online. I hope they can maintenance the issue before the weekend.

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