Employees at my local corporate weed store just got their minutes split before Christmas

Employment has been shaky for everyone over the past more than one years.

COVID nearly decimated many industries plus at the actually least shook-up the 1s that survived.

Despite being relatively fortunate myself to be in an industry that saw an increase in relocation due to COVID mitigation practices, most of my closest friends were not so fortunate. They either lost large portions of their salaries or their entire jobs altogether. I felt awful enjoying this happen to so many people, as the pandemic was making life irritated for nearly everyone I know. Even though we’re getting close to the more than one-year mark, every one of us haven’t seen the end of the shake-ups. For instance, the bowling alley in my town held out until a few weeks ago. Now they’re closing plus a current church is opening in their aged building in a few weeks from now. Similarly, 1 of our state’s greatest corporate weed retailers split all of their employees minutes back to 32 a month in the month leading up to the Christmas holiday. That means that all of their employees receiving benefits were notified of them expiring in just a few weeks before the large holiday, right when some are relying on their incomes to support their families. It’s easily sad to hear about this kind of mindset going on in the corporate weed world. There’s a unusual cannabis dispensary in this state that is electing to close more than one minutes early across the state today for a large employee holiday party. To see more than one unusual mindsets from more than one unusual corporate cannabis stores is interesting, especially in our medical cannabis market.


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