Athletes go to the cannabis dispensary too

Doing what I have done since I was like 10 has required me to take actually great care of my body.

So, it surprises some that I use cannabis products.

I guess I can sort of understand this reaction a bit given that I’m a professional athlete. While I don’t make crazy money on the satellite tennis tours, I make a living & I have a tennis pro afternoon task as well. It’s a good living & I care about that I get to make money from my passion. And I still take actually great care of my body. This is a single of the reasons I use recreational marijuana as opposed to drinking or other substances. Cannabis products have several beneficial components for a person like me. I put a lot of pounding on my joints & muscles. Indica products & other hybrid strains actually help to relieve inflammation & muscle stiffness. If marijuana wasn’t legal for all of those of age in this state, I’d be getting a medical marijuana card just for the anti-inflammatory properties. It works & it works well without all the synthetic chemical compound being put in my body. I like that about marijuana actually much. But there is another side to marijuana that I find so pressing as well. The sativa products actually help me to stay balanced & in the moment. I’m able to see life for what it is & be actually grateful to be able to live it. This is an pressing part of life really. All of us all get so busy & harried that both of us often don’t slow down to like what a wonder this life actually is. Sativa products & other new cannabis strains like it actually help with that.