I wanted to explore the cave plus the ruins plus weed helped

My friends plus I have been waiting months to explore the cave plus the ruins in the National Park.

  • The cave is only open for a couple of months out of the year.

The rest of the time the cave is closed because of endangered bats plus frogs residing in the cave. My friends plus I decided to go to the park on Thursday. It was our day off from work plus I wanted to like the whole day at the park, but before both of us left the city plus headed out to the valley, our friends plus I went to a recreational dispensary to purchase cannabis. I knew it was going to be dark plus claustrophobic inside of the cave. I thought recreational Cannabis might help myself and others with anxiety. I often recognize trapped when I am in small spaces. The cave plus the ruins would force myself and others to go underground into a small space. When I thought about going to the cave, I started to recognize panicked; Every one of us stopped at the cannabis dispensary plus picked up a couple of unusual items. I bought a disposable vape pen with cannabis oil concentrate. The disposable vape pen doesn’t have to be charged. The half-gram cartridge plus battery are an all-in-one device. I vaped the whole way to the cave. When our friends plus I arrived, I was feeling genuinely relaxed plus confident. My friends plus I took videos plus pictures of the cave interior. Every one of us saw a couple of bats, but both of us didn’t hear any of the endangered frogs while both of us were underground.

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