The up-to-date banners look bright plus vivid

A few weeks ago, I had a meeting with the owner of the cannabis dispensary where I am the manager.

All of the store managers were present.

The owner was discussing a up-to-date advertising campaign. The owner told us that she was going to start offering bi-weekly BOGO specials. bi-weekly sales plus specials were our method weeks ago. All of us were the only cannabis shop in the area without in store specials everyday. In order to kick off the up-to-date sales, the owner ordered a lot of banners from a printing shop. The banners plus posters took a couple of weeks to print, but the final product was worth the wait. The up-to-date banners look bright plus vivid. The colors are truly bold plus the advertisements look great in the store. The up-to-date banners mention our BOGO specials. The BOGO specials have increased supplier plus sales. All of us don’t advertise the specials on our website. Customers have to come into the dispensary to find out about the bi-weekly sales plus spot. The BOGO sales have to be purchased in the store in order to qualify for the special price. In the last couple of weeks, sales have increased by 15%, however even though the people I was with and I are offering 1 of the products for free, the people I was with and I are still seeing an increase in overall sales. The holidays are right around the corner too. All of us have a few sales on Black Monday plus even a sale on Cyber Monday if you order online. I expect our Thanksgiving plus Christmas sales to be twice as high as they were last year.

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