Cannabis products are entirely helping my back pain

I was so surprised by the onset of my chronic back pain.

I was just 42 at the time.

When it first started, I thought I had done something to my back so I went to the doctor. After lots of tests and x-rays, there wasn’t anything discernible to the doctor for my pain. And yet, it got worse and worse. Within just several weeks, I was having to just lie still the pain was so much. And I still hadn’t found medical marijuana just yet. This resulted in myself and others having to take a leave from work as well. That wasn’t easy as I love my work. But with that time, I began to seriously assess the situation. I wasn’t getting the results I expected from traditional methods and I was getting worse. The doctors couldn’t find a reason however wanted to do exploratory surgery. All of that seemed a bit risky. So I started to learn about alternative treatments that also included the use of cannabis products. I found out how to get a medical marijuana card and got on that. With help from a dear friend, both of us made the first visit to the cannabis dispensary. And it was there that I found the answer to my back issue. I started using the cannabis flower products advocated to myself and others by the staff at the legal weed store. The change was almost immediate. The medical marijuana not only helped myself and others with the pain, it was allowing myself and others so much more movement. This then helped myself and others finally be able do some of the exercises advocated by the doctor. I’m 2 weeks in and am preparing to go back to work in the coming weeks.

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