Cannabis dispensary helped change our perspective

Most of our life was spent sort of expecting the worst. And that resulted in a particularly drawback and almost dark outlook on life. Growing up in a particularly unparticular and overly challenging situation sort of geared myself and others to the worst of living this life. Unblessedly, I carried that perspective over to what could only be described as a nice life. I wasn’t into the meds at all. For all our faults, I’ve been enjoyable to our body. So when cannabis dispensaries became legal for all those of age, I decided to see what I had been missing. Up until recently and in our late 30’s, I had not used any sort of cannabis product. Again, this can be directly attributed to our general outlook as I thought all those using recreational marijuana were losers. And those using medical marijuana were simply stoners faking an illness. But someone who particularly loves myself and others strongly urged myself and others to try both sativa and indica to see if it could be part of a strategy to lighten and soften our perspective on life. I agreed to go with his to the local cannabis spot however only after I let his know what a load of bunk marijuana was. She took this in stride and led the way to the marijuana business. I could tell immediately why he liked this marijuana business. There was a palpable positive energy in the place that he particularly embodied. It’s been a month since I first tried indica and sativa products. And this moring was the third time I watched a sunset in awe this week. I know our perspective just might be decreasing.


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