Have to be careful when enjoying cannabis gummies

I have a pretty serious problem with unhealthy eating.

It basically starts with my rotten food choices.

I shouldn’t be choosing to get cookies plus potato snacks at all to be honest, otherwise I wouldn’t have to confront the cravings when I’m at home. But it isn’t much better when I have healthy food at my place, because then I simply eat more. Sure, it’s better to binge eat food with less calories than fattier food, but binge eating is not such a good thing to be doing. It stretches out your stomach so you naturally feel as though you need to eat more food to get the sensation of “fullness” that others get with far less food. I shouldn’t be eating so much candy either. When I decided to hop on the scale yesterday, I had gained numerous pounds since the previous time. I was not happy at first, but quickly realized that it’s my fault. I buy bags of candy plus eat them quickly. No matter what I eat, it pretty much ends in me throwing too many empty calories into my stomach. If you had setbacks with binge eating as I do, you’d be just as sad about cannabis gummies as I am. They’re mostly just THC so it’s fairly easy to eat a ton of them before they kick in. But if you end up eating 100 mg of THC after enjoying an entire tote of cannabis gummies, you will have to deal with the rollercoaster ride that is about to ensue. That’s why I choose to go with cannabis inhalation products, at least they kick in relatively fast so I easily know when to consume more for the ideal effects.
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