Trading in a bar for a smoker’s lounge

Every friday my friends and I used to go out and hit the town together. Of course not every single one of us could be there every week, but there was always a good turnout. After a long week of work, or school, or just family commitments, it was nice to have a night to cut loose and have fun. For the longest time we went to clubs, then we outgrew that scene and started hitting local bars and music venues. Well, once we found a cannabis dispensary with a smoker’s lounge, that became our #1 favorite party destination. I still enjoy a drink, don’t get me wrong, but I no longer enjoy drinking all night long, so the cannabis dispensary is such a nice, fresh alternative to the other nightlife. There is both an indoor and an outdoor section to the smoker’s lounge, and inside you can enjoy vaping or any of the many edibles they have for sale. The outdoor part of the lounge is where you can smoke cannabis, cigarettes, or cloves, with the only rule being “no outside smoke.” Just like you can’t bring your own six pack into a bar, you can’t bring your own sack of pot into the cannabis dispensary, you can only smoke what you purchase there. There are a lot of great things about hanging out at the cannabis dispensary, but the best things of all is the chill vibe. Yes they have a bouncer at the door to check IDs and such, but unlike a bar you never have to worry about a fist fight breaking out at the cannabis dispensary
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