The lock was cut with something heavy duty

Somebody at work broke into my locker and stole everything inside.

  • It’s impossible to know who it was, because there are no cameras inside of the locker room.

There are cameras outside, but the security footage doesn’t provide any answers. I work as a mechanic and I wear regular clothes to the job site. When I get to work, I change into my work clothes. They get laundered for free as long as I change at work. I usually keep a spare change of clothes in my locker, along with shower supplies like body wash and deodorant. Last week there was a large sale at the cannabis shop and I stopped in the morning to pick up a few items. I didn’t want to wait until the end of the day, because I was afraid the sale items would be gone and I wanted to take advantage of the BOGO sales. I had $200 worth of marijuana supplies in my locker, but I wasn’t worried because of the combination lock. I had the marijuana supplies inside of a paper bag and then they were wrapped up inside of a plastic bag. I didn’t think anyone would be able to smell the contents of the bag. Somehow, someone knew what was in my locker and it must have been the smell. I don’t share my business with anyone at work, but the combination lock was cut with a heavy duty bolt cutter. Thankfully, the boss has a camera in the area where the lockers are and he caught the crime on video. My coworker was fired the same day.

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