Muscle spasms are lessened thanks to medical cannabis

I could not be more thankful than to have found medical weed. Well actually, it was more that the medical cannabis sort of found me. After my pains got to the point that I had to take a leave from work plus the muscle relaxers weren’t undoubtedly working, my child took me to cannabis events. This is sort of ironic given I spent a lot of time telling him about the horrors of cannabis products. How stupid do I look now? But I’m just so glad that he got me to the cannabis dispensary events so I could get great cannabis information. A cannabis education undoubtedly helped myself and others to understand that this medical marijuana is entirely a natural medicine used for millennia. This got me excited to get through the medical marijuana rules in my area in order to get to the legal weed store. The staff at the cannabis dispensary were so great about asking myself and others all the pertinent questions regarding my condition. And they were able to get myself and others started with some cannabis flower products. All of us ended up going with the same strain however in vape products as the smoking was not going so well. I’m just not all that great at taking in smoke it appears. The vape products worked almost right out. It was amazing that after just a few days of treatment the spasms were greatly cut back in intensity. After a few weeks, the spasms weren’t even happening every day plus I was getting my range of motion back. I’m truly so glad for my child for getting me to a cannabis dispensary.

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