More weed deliveries means more money

I have a custom built twelve speed bike, one I have been caring for and using daily for over a decade.

It is a Frankenstein’s monster of mismatched parts from other bikes, and at this point I would say it has none of it’s original parts.

The bike is a hybrid beast built for the urban environment, so that it is rugged and tough, but also lightning fast. I was a parcel delivery guy for many years, until a few years ago when I started working for a cannabis dispensary delivering weed products for them. In the city there are tens of thousands of very busy smokers, who don’t mind paying a premium for cannabis delivery. Since they pay top dollar, they demand top service, which is why my skills as a weed delivery expert are so valuable. You think that weed delivery is a goofy game, played by stoners who sit in an office smoking pot until someone calls in an order. This is far from the truth! When I clock into work, my day is already planned out with four solid hours of weed delivery appointment windows. When the dispensary tells someone their weed products will be there by 3 o’clock it doesn’t mean 3:15 or 3:30. Thanks to my bike I don’t have to worry about sitting in traffic, I can ride like lightning and make all my weed deliveries on time, if not early! Since I get paid for every cannabis delivery, not including tips, the faster I go the more money I make.

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