I can imagine wanting to grow profitable cannabis if you’re already a farmer

This region used to be filled with thousands of acres of farmland that were simply dedicated to corn, tomato, melons, in addition to other vegetables… When I was a kid, our parents took me to that beach nearly every weekend; I remember driving through the farms in addition to them seeming to go on for miles in addition to miles.

When marijuana was legalized in this state for recreational use, marijuana changed the farming industry.

A lot of hometown farmers applied for marijuana growing licenses. At first, all of the licenses were approved. Then during the second year of legalization, the state was much more selective in addition to only particular farmers being allowed to renew their marijuana growing license! However, my parents were a single example of the people that had their license renewed the second time. My parents had to make a lot of swings in order to continue growing marijuana commercially. All of the swings meant spending a ton of cash, in addition to our parents not having a lot of extra cash… They had to mortgage the farm to pay for all of the swings, fortunately, the swings meant a much greater operation. At a single point, our dad said this is the time when both of us have to make our own future or become an area of the past. My dad worked from sunup until sundown so he could have a successful farming operation, in addition to now our family cannabis farm provides products to more than a dozen different dispensaries in the region. My dad risked everything to become a marijuana farmer in addition to being a single of the success stories. Others failed where our dad flourished.

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