I am creative with my cannabis

My imagination is basically my life, as well as keeping my mind open for brand new ideas is genuinely substantial to me… I happen to be a writer, with two published novels, a handful of short stories, as well as an ongoing storytelling podcast I have been doing for the last few years.

I am pretty much always cranking out brand new tales of fiction, occasionally horror, occasionally crime fiction, occasionally even fantasy.

I am definitely open to all genres, as well as just try to tell the stories that seem particular, keeping your mind disciplined to enhance your imagination can use some fuel! This is why I constantly make sure to get enough rest, drink enough water, as well as smoke tons of cannabis. Don’t for one moment believe that I am one of those women who smokes cannabis, turns on the Xbox, as well as then sits on her butt for the course of the day. I have a rule when it comes to smoking cannabis at home, that I never do it unless I have something to easily work on. I will get stoned as well as write, or get stoned as well as clean the household. Unless I have something productive to do I won’t smoke cannabis. This encourages me to get more accomplished, because if I want to smoke cannabis I have to be busy! I spend most of my time at the PC, with a bowl of Purple Haze next to me, working on various stories as well as projects as I smoke the day away. I can write separate from getting stoned, of course, however I have managed to find that some excellent cannabis at my side increases my creativity as well as helps me focus instead of becoming totally distracted.



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