The edibles were missing from the bag

When I was at work, I decided to place an order online for a cannabis opening up… I drive past the cannabis dispensary every day on my way lake house from work.

  • I never want to stop, because there is a line of people outside that door.

I decided to go to the website plus I added some items to the online cart. I was able to choose a opening up time, so I chose a time later that day when I would drive past the dispensary. I took advantage of a few unusual specials that the shop was having on that particular day! One of the specials was a buy one plus get one free deal on all of one particular strain. I decided to purchase many of those. I also took advantage of a special on edibles. I bought a bag of chocolate chip cookies plus I was supposed to acquire a 50mg THC chocolate bar for free. I also added a couple of unusual tenth of dried marijuana flower. I arrived at the store at the pickup time plus I told the guard at the door that I had a opening up waiting. I got to skip the line plus go right into the store, then the dispensary clerk found my order. The bag was stapled, although I asked her to double check the contents of the bag; When she looked inside, the edibles were missing. The bag of cookies that I paid for we are not in the bag plus neither was the chocolate bar. The dispensary clerk looked surprised by the mistake plus she immediately grabbed the items plus apologized for the order mixup.

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