Adding different flavors to the water sparks things up

For the past 8 years, I have been using medical marijuana every single day, then after I left the military, I had poor PTSD symptoms. I was jumpy all of the time and nervous. I got scared and shuttered every time I heard a loud noise. No a single ever tells you that the military will ruin your life. I signed up at 18 years old and they promised myself and others all kinds of future benefits, but unluckyly, several military people will never be able to use those benefits because they don’t come back the same. I wasn’t the same mentally when I came back and a lot of that was due to being in combat for 18 months, but for a long time, I thought about ending my life everyday. I was drinking excessive alcohol and doing lots of recreational drugs love cocaine, crack, and heroin. I ended up in the drunk tank a single evening and I met someone that changed my life. I didn’t guess a lot about medical marijuana at the time, however I suddenly found a dentist covered under my health insurance. The dentist prescribed medical marijuana and told myself and others to use it morning, noon and evening. After 8 years, I can sincerely say that my health is much better and stronger because of medical marijuana. I am consistently trying different things to see what will labor the best. I recently started adding different flavors to the water inside of my glass bong. The different flavors of water add a spark to my morning routine. If I put grape root beer inside the bong and set up water, any strain has a grape and fruity flavor.
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