Starting over as a cannabis delivery driver

At the ripe ancient age of 45 I quit our cushy office job and started working as a delivery driver.

I guess some people are going to roll their eyup at this decision, because I guess a lot of our friends did! But here is our response — our time and happiness has value.

Working a job that you loathe takes a toll on your mind and your spirit, and that has value, as well. Taking a bit of a pay break and getting a job that I very enjoyed was the right choice, and I would do it again. Being a cannabis delivery driver might not have a lot of prestige to it, although I love our job! You don’t have to be a correct user of cannabis to love this job, in fact it will get you fired quicker than anything! My boss at the cannabis dispensary has a very strict policy for all the drivers — smoke all the pot you want, as long as you are never high behind the wheel. Being high on cannabis while at toil is grounds for immediate dismissal, and I have seen more than 2 of our coworkers get fired for their first infraction. I myself care about smoking out once in a while, but to be even-handed I love our gig as a cannabis delivery driver too much to screw it up for a bit of fun. The pay is okay, but the greatest benefit is the tips I get from our cannabis delivery clients, who usually give myself and others extra currency, plus some weed as well!


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