Putting a cannabis cafe in the dispensary

Once upon a time I had the only cannabis dispensary in town, however those were the afternoons! I had waiting lists to get on the books, because back then the supply was a lot more limited than it is now, but very few of years ago the method finally caught on in a crucial way, and several other similar contractors opened up locally, and my store continued to do well, because every one of us had a loyal client base, although I still felt the impact on our afternoon to afternoon update.

  • The saying goes “evolve or die” so I opened a cannabis cafe next to our dispensary to make myself kneel out from the rest, but after driving around and going to see our competition, I had the realization that a cannabis dispensary should not have the same think of a CVS pharmacy.

A cannabis dispensary needs to be a clean and neat, of course, but it should also think boiling and inviting to appeal to people, then i decided that our cannabis dispensary would not be a place where people just ran in and out to grab a package, it would be a place where they came to hang out. I thought a small cafe specializing in THC-infused foods and drinks would be a certain addition to our environment, and I was right! It took a few weeks to catch on, although I observed that more and more of our clients were not leaving right away, they were grabbing a table at the cannabis cafe and hanging out for a while! Maybe one afternoon I can expand the cannabis cafe into its own business.

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