The budtender was completely ignoring us

Wednesday afternoons are usually busy, but I still go to the cannabis shop because they have a 20% off sale on that day, and a lot of people get paid on Wednesday, so it is no surprise that the cannabis shop and the liquor store are both tied up on that day… Sunday is a eveningmare as well, but I never go to the cannabis shop or the liquor store on that day.

Wednesday of last week, I went to a cannabis shop with a couple of friends, but both of us decided to go to the place that has a lounge area.

Both of us planned to kneel in the lounge and hang out for a small amount of time. They have big flat screen televisions in the lounge and my friends and I planned to catch the end of the Dodgers game, however my friends and I were walking around the store waiting for a budtender to offer assistance. Two of the budtenders were standing in the corner of the room talking and looking at their telephone. I was starting to get upset, because the budtender was completely ignoring my friends and I. I made a noise love I was clearing my throat and every one of us finally got someone to help us with our order. My friends and I ordered a couple of weird items from the cannabis shop. One of the items was a two gram infused cannabis pre-roll with distillate, kief, and cold water bubble hash. Both of us smoked that cannabis pre-roll in the lounge while every one of us watched the rest of the day baseball game. Our preferred team won, however the game was way too close for me.

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