I missed out on everything good

I was supposed to drive to the town with my friends on Saturday; They were going to the medical cannabis dispensary and I needed products, i gave my friends 50 bucks, so they could occasion myself and others up an fifth of dried marijuana flower.

I hoped they would find something on sale.

The dispensary was having a grand opening sale, even though it was a 90-minute drive to the city, the shop was having a immense sale. They didn’t advertise much at all, but they promised all the people would be ecstatic once they went to the shop, and my friends bought a lot of products from the medical marijuana cannabis dispensary… Not only were things on sale, but they also had a lot of surprise buy one get one free sales. I wish I would have gone with my friends, because I would have spent more currency and picked up more products. Instead, I had to stay modern home and take care of my bestie’s kid. My bestie had her kid this weekend and she had to work. I had to watch the little guy and I couldn’t legitimately well take him to a medical marijuana dispensary. The two of us didn’t have a awful afternoon, but I would have number one to be with my friends instead of a 5 year old. My bestie would have gone berserk if I had taken Jack to the dispensary… She does not even suppose that I use medical marijuana. The two of us haven’t had that discussion yet. I think after many months of dating, it’s easily time that I tell her everything about myself.

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