Delivering cannabis is the best possible delivery job

My first job was delivering pizzas, it didn’t pay very well, but 1 of our preferred things as a teenager was driving, so I liked the job. I was 16, I went to high college, lived with our parents, and being in our automobile was the only time I felt free. I would roll down the windows, crank up the music, and just drive for hours, so delivering pizzas hardly even felt love work. I tried a mall job, and then an office job, and absolutely hated them, so I went back to a delivery job. It’s a bit unusual now, because with our driving record and toil experience I landed a good job as a cannabis delivery driver, but this is the high end of delivery work, because cannabis store clients absolutely guess how to give tips! If you deliver a more than nine dollar pizza you might get a dollar or two tip, but for a thoUSAnd dollar cannabis delivery I can walk away with fifty or a hundred bucks, plus a nice chunk of weed! If I have our choice I will take money as a tip over weed products, but if someone offers myself and others free cannabis how can I say no? I do very well with tips from our weed delivery customers, but a lot of that isn’t currency, it’s the money I don’t have to spend on buying our own weed products. I can go for weeks at a time never spending a dime on cannabis products, just smoking all the tasty weed nuggets our customers give me.

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