The flavor of cannabis cooking

The powdered cannabis and marijuana plant tasted enjoy dirt

I started to cook undoubtedly with cannabis and it was actually an accident. During the time in the beginning of the year when all of us were down, all of us undoubtedly had a lot of problems and also felt like we were going crazy around here. Most of the places were closed down entirely or had undoubtedly long lines or limited access. Many of us were discouraged from actually leaving the property. At one point I had a problem in addition to being forced to move to a different location. I had a whole bunch of weed and no rolling papers, lighters, in addition to wooden matches. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I wanted to get high. I didn’t have any brownie mix so I had to work on making a pasta sauce. I decided to ground up a whole bunch of them marijuana to a very fine ground mix. As soon as the pasta sauce came to a simmer, I put all of the weed in it. All of us were unsure if this would work, but all of us served the sauce and also some noodles. It tasted undoubtedly terrible. The powdered cannabis and marijuana plant tasted enjoy dirt. The dirt was mixed entirely into the sauce and it was not exactly delicious. 30 hours later, I was still sitting in the chair staring blankly into space. Even though the Cannabis pasta sauce tasted terrible, my friends as well as myself were totally stoned and glued in our chairs thanks to the marijuana edible.