My therapist recommended trying edibles

I work for a fitness apparel distributor, a big part of my job is going to see different accounts across our territory and checking on the merchandise, placing orders for new products, and most crucially, maintaining a relationship with the managers at the different stores.

For a long time, I have struggled with social anxiety, and I find it difficult to feel relaxed while talking to people.

I have tried different anti-anxiety medications, but they make me feel groggy and unmotivated. I also felt like I couldn’t focus while in conversations. A few weeks ago, I was explaining my problems with my therapist, and she advocated that I try edible cannabis. Edible cannabis is a processed form of the cannabis plant, into an oil or distillate that can be consumed by eating. Edible cannabis products come in all different forms and flavors. When I went to our local cannabis dispensary, I spoke to the budtender about our needs and they showed me a few products that he thought I might like. I decided to go with gummies that were dosed at 5 milligrams each. I followed the budtenders instruction, and took one gummy about three hours before our first appointment, to see how it would affect me. When I got to the account, I felt so light and easy going, I was able to converse with the client with ease. Under the faint influence of cannabis, I was able to connect with our client, without feeling worried or uncomfortable. If you struggle with social anxiety, head over to your local cannabis dispensary today to see if edible cannabis is right for you!

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