My parents are unhappy about the weed shop

My parents grew up during a time when everyone was fighting the war on drugs.

Commercials on tv depicted our brains frying if we did drugs.

Cannabis was one of those drugs. My parents watched a nation of hippies turn into a nation of people scared of marijuana. It took 30 years to change the minds of everyone, but now recreational and medical marijuana is legal in this state. Use of cannabis recreationally is also legal in every state that borders hours. There is no way to get away from the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. My parents are even more unhappy now, because the grocery store closed for business and a cannabis dispensary is going to take its place. The cannabis dispensary will only be a mile away from my mom and dad’s house. They are acting as if there is a meth lab or a prostitution ring across the street. It is a legitimate cannabis dispensary with a license from the state government to do business. I tried to get my mom to go into a cannabis dispensary with me, but she refused. I think she might see things differently if she looked at marijuana as a medicine instead of a drug. Until my parents realize all of the benefits that marijuana has, they’re going to continue to be upset about something they can’t change. Marijuana is legal here and in another handful of states. It’s only becoming more and more widespread. It’s only a matter of time until recreational and medical marijuana is legal everywhere in the country.


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