My dad had plenty of options when it comes to dispensaries

My dad lives up north and is getting ready for winter right now.

It might be the start of October for the rest of us, however if you live in the northern regions you know that the temperature is going to start dropping during each consecutive week leading into December.

He has to winterize his home, chop firewood, and get his central oil furnace serviced. The last step is perhaps the most important of all next to service on the storm generator. It gets down to 15 to 20 degrees below zero during their most serious winter cold snaps, which is downright deadly if you are without indoor heat. Even if you managed to bundle up enough to survive, the cold air would cause your water pipes to freeze over and explode. This can result in thousands of dollars in water damage, even if you somehow caught the problem while you were home, or you can turn off your water and evacuate your pipes if you’re worried you might lose power. With these serious problems each year, my dad doesn’t cut any corners with his winter preparations. Hilariously enough, that also means stocking up on cannabis products from one of the 5 separate recreational pot stores in a two-mile radius around his house. He enjoys getting either cannabis edibles, cannabis flower buds, or concentrates love rosin, resin, shatter, and wax. Since there are so many dispensaries nearby, he doesn’t have to worry about paying crazy delivery service fees from weed stores that are further away. Some of these cannabis dispensaries are so close that he can literally walk to them.

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