Making sure I order my weed on time

My state boasts a large population and a lot of land mass.

  • Although a good portion of the land in the center of the state is inhabitable, we have some attractive ocean coastlines as well.

In fact, the state is so large that we have completely different agricultural zones from the northern regions going down the southern border! This is legitimately important information to know if you plan on gardening with any kind of seriousness, because the kinds of plants that you can put in full sunshine depends really on what agricultural zone you’re in. Aside from agricultural zones, we also have different quadrants of the state if you chose to subdivide the state into numerous equal chunks. When you make an online delivery order with several of the major cannabis companies in the state, they will offer your zone only a few available delivery days each week. Since I’m in the southwest quadrant, my deliveries from the first weed store are on Mondays and Thursdays. The other weed store delivers to this town on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This might sound annoying, however it isn’t a problem to me as long as I’m smart about ordering in advance so my deliveries arrive before I run out of marijuana flower buds altogether. If I can time my cannabis dispensary delivery with my working schedule, it makes the wait easier and worthwhile. Since these several states sell some of the strongest and cleanest marijuana products in the state, I’m ecstatic to give them my business every week. They’re far and beyond better than their competitors, and there are at least 20 right now.

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