Hurt myself in the cannabis dispensary parking lot

I was easily on my way out of my job the other day plus I tripped in the parking lot.

I wasn’t being especially careful at the time plus I did not see the 2-liter bottle that happened to be on the ground.

I stepped on the bottle in the most terrible way plus I twisted my ankle plus fell on the ground. I scraped my hand plus both of my knees. I went back into the dispensary plus I decided to get a few Band-Aids from the first aid kit, and the manager of the marijuana dispensary came from out of nowhere plus demanded to understand what happened. I told her that I fell in the parking lot. It wasn’t such a major deal, despite the fact that I wanted some Band-Aids for the cuts plus scrapes on my knees… My boss made me fill out an incident report for the marijuana dispensary, regardless of the fact that I was already clocked out plus leaving for the afternoon. When I got to my job this afternoon, she told me that I had to be on light duty for a few days at least. I wasn’t hurt much at all plus there was no reason to stick me behind a desk for all this extra time. The manager of the marijuana dispensary said it was a requirement since the injury occurred on supplier property! For the next week, I have to rest at the desk in the front lobby plus check patients into the dispensary. It is relatively boring work. I should have decided to go straight to my car after falling, instead of making my way back into the dispensary for some assistance.


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