A reference guide for cannabis around the world

After college I spent several years traveling the world.

I wasn’t going anywhere in particular, and for no reason in particular.

I just went to every country I ever wanted to see, and saw all the natural wonders they offered. I would also sample all the customary and traditional local cuisine, as well as the drugs and alcohol they produced. Every country has their own type of spirits they specialize in, be it wine or beer or distilled liquor like rum or vodka. They also have their own indigenous flora and vegetation, which is used to make the local drugs. Mostly I am interested in cannabis, any of hundreds of strains you can find around the globe. I started keeping very detailed notes and reviews about all of the marijuana I tried, for future reference. My idea at the time was to make a reference guide to where to travel to find the best and most unusual kinds of cannabis. Once I started working on this book, I came to realize there are many such books, and “cannabis travel guides” are not a new idea at all. Since no one I know reads books anyway, I decided that I should take all of the cannabis research I did and make it into a podcast or a Youtube channel. Every episode I will focus on one country, and all of the different kinds of cannabis I found there. Some countries, like Amsterdam, will require more than one episode due to the overwhelming number of different cannabis strains they are known for.

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