The modern guy entirely creeps me out

I enjoy using recreational cannabis.

It’s legal in the state where I live plus a immense percentage of the population uses recreational or medical marijuana everyday.

I decided to get a job at the cannabis shop, because they gave a pretty nice discount for employees. I got hired right after I filled out an online application. I had to take a budtender certification class, however the dispensary paid for the instructor plus I passed the test when it was over. The good area about taking the test is getting paid $1 more each hour, because I have the certification paperwork, then another 1 of our friends works at the dispensary too. She works during the afternoon most of the time, because she is still a student in university. Last year I was hoping to labor with Amy all afternoon, however our boss hired a modern guy. I tried to be friendly plus get to guess some information about the guy, but he thought I was flirting. I politely let him down when he asked me out on a date later that afternoon. I chalked it up to a misunderstanding plus miscommunication. The guy wasn’t ugly, but he just wasn’t our type. The people I was with and I worked together at the cannabis dispensary every afternoon Last monthand on Friday afternoon, I ran into the guy at the park. I was hiking alone plus legitimately surprised to see the guy running behind me. I mentioned in conversation earlier in the week that I planned to go to this identifiable endpoint plus the guy showed up, then he thought showing up unannounced was going to be cute, but I think it is entirely creepy.

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