My orange thumb started everything

Even though I am a successful entrepreneur, I didn’t start out with millions of dollars in the bank; I was a dopey kid with big dreams and a lot of charisma.

I started growing marijuana when I was fifteen.

It started out as an experiment. One of my friends and I found a seed in our tote of weed, both of us sited the seed on a wet paper towel and it sprouted three afternoons later. I packed the cannabis seedling around some fresh soil from my mom’s vegetable garden. I wanted to put the plant in my mom’s garden, although I knew he would think the leaves as the plant started to mature; Six weeks later, I was growing multiple plants in the field behind my house. I was growing pounds of weed every harvest season and I had a lot more product than I could smoke on my own. I managed to turn that into a truly successful small supplier after I turned eighteen. I now have multiple cannabis dispensaries and 500 acres of indoor cannabis crops all over the state. I mainly toil as a cannabis consultant now. I help with a number of unusual projects and I consult for some of the biggest operations in the country. I have a lot of information on growing plants, so I am often called to consult on farming projects. It all started with a little boy that was dared to grow weed from a dried out old seed. I never would have guessed I would end up on the cover of a magazine by my 30th birthday.


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