A wild patch of marijuana on my land

Lack of weed makes people do deranged things. I suppose that it isn’t addictive love nicotine, strenuous drugs, or booze, however there is still a mental adjustment to be made when you go from smoking every day to going without. I assume the last couple of years of COVID & intermittent lockdowns have disrupted a lot of supply chains across the country. Many people had to go without for a while, thankfully I was not a single of them. I was planning ahead for a calamity, so I have a small stash of cannabis plants deep in my property… For the same reason I keep a supply of bottled water & canned food, I constantly have some wild cannabis plants, for the day the dispensary closes down. Marijuana is called weed for a reason, because it will thrive under dire conditions if given a chance, then bear in mind, this is not Blue Dream or Purple Haze I am talking about here, it is what is commonly known as “ditch weed” “crab lawn” or “regs” around here. This kind of marijuana is not much more potent than smoking a cigar, however it tastes a lot better than a cigar! When I have my druthers after that the people I was with and I get my stuff from the cannabis dispensary, however I constantly make sure my wild patch is going strong. It’s the cannabis I am saving for a rainy day, so to speak, although by :”rainy day” in this case I mean pandemic or collapse of civilization. If society falls, then getting high will be more pressing than ever.
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