I worried I would become a pothead.

One of our greatest problems about using medical marijuana was that I would become a pothead.

I remember seeing some of our friends resting around half stoned.

They were barely coherent and always teasing myself and others for being goody-two-shoes. I had no wish to be a goody-two-shoes, but I didn’t want to be a pothead. I ended up being the odd-man-out who drank soda, drove everyone apartment who couldn’t drive, and had a nice time. There was something sobering and fun, enjoying supposed adults make total fools of themselves, and laughing at nothing. I didn’t need drugs to give myself and others a natural high. I was a naturally cheerful lady and I wanted to laugh at our mishaps and not get drunk or high so I could complain to everyone else. When I had our automobile accident, I didn’t blame anyone. I wanted to get through our therapy and learn how to walk again. Unfortunately, even though I was walking, I was still in a lot of pain, and the medical professional said it was always going to be there. I had a lot of nerve disfigure, that would take time to heal, if it ever healed. To help with the pain, I was given multiple different pain killers, but they made myself and others sick. As a last ditch effort for relief, I inquired about medical cannabis. I had heard that medical cannabis had been doing wonders for people with chronic pain and illnesses. I forgot about our worries about becoming a pothead when I did a lot of research on medical marijuana. It was going to be love a math project finding the right products and doses, but I was willing to try it.



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